Are Married Affairs In Chicago Really Cheating?…Here Are 5 Reasons Why They Are A Good Idea

Most people when you ask if married affairs in Chicago are cheating they would answer “yes” right away. There are others of us that see married affairs as being more of a gray area. The concept of cheating implies that you take something that doesn’t belong to you. If you are having sex with someone, how is that taking anything from anyone? Cheating may not only be something that we should all accept, it may be the thing that is holding many marriages together. It may be the reason why people stay in marriages, and ultimately why they do so happily.

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Is sex always cheating?

Many marriages are based on nothing but financial commitments, and then there are those that have love, but there is no sexual attraction. It is possible to be in love with someone but not to be attracted to them at all. In those instances, how can you call it cheating. If a woman feeds her man only chicken every night for dinner, and he has asked repeatedly for steak but she won’t provide it, it should be okay that he goes out and has a steak every once in a while. If he still tells her that he enjoys the chicken, he eats it, and she doesn’t ever know that he is having steak when she is not around, then what is the harm. The only time that married affairs in Chicago are really destructive to a relationship is when the significant other finds out. It is very hurtful to find that the person you are with has had sexual relations with someone else. If you can get past it though, it really doesn’t change anything.

The 5 reasons why married affairs in Chicago are a good idea are:

1. They make men happy

When men are getting the sex that they want they are happier. If you have ever lived with a crabby man you know how unbearable it is. They are miserable to be around, they take an entire room down, they are not nice to the kids, and they make you very unhappy. When a man comes home from work and he is happy and has had a good day, they light up the room. If married affairs can make men come home happy, more power to them.

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If a man is happy, the house is happy

2. A man is more likely to stay in his marriage

We all know the hardships of a broken family. If a man gets tired of not getting the sex that he wants in his relationship, he is likely to leave it. That means that the children and the wife’s standard of living go down considerably. The biggest losers? The children are the ones who really suffer the most. If married affairs can keep marriages together how can they be wrong?

3. It is better than paying for sex

When a guy pays for sex it takes from the income of the family. Prostitutes and escorts are not cheap, neither is the hotel room needed to pay for the escapades. When a guy has married affairs, there is no money being given in exchange for sex, so the family is not suffering from the loss of income. It is just the guy getting the sex he wants.

4 The woman doesn’t have to fake it anymore

Many women don’t really enjoy having sex with their husband after a long and exhausting day with the kids. If a man is allowed to have married affairs in Chicago, she doesn’t have to make up excuses about why she doesn’t want to have sex, she just doesn’t have to have sex. It is a win-win situation. The woman doesn’t have to dread that one day a week and the guy can stop feeling like he is having sex with someone who doesn’t want to.

5. It allows the woman to have an affair too

It is not only the guy who is sometimes unhappy in a marriage. If sex is not happening, it is likely that both partners are missing the sexual activity. If a guy can have a married affair, then it is free rein for the wife too. That means that both parties are getting what they want out of the relationship. When they are both satisfied and happy, they don’t fight with each other. Getting along harmoniously, they also don’t have a negative effect on their children.As you can see although cheating gets such a bad rap, there are some real benefits to it. Before you judge whether someone should cheat on their spouse, take a look at your own marriage and decide if maybe you both would be happier if you had a little sex on the side.

First Time Conversation Tips When You Meet Women Online While In Edinburgh

In online dating, making an appealing profile is always emphasized. Dating profile is the first impression when you start dating, and in order to meet women online, your profile must be compelling. With the many hot women in Edinburgh looking for men like you, your profile should include attractive content, including a good looking profile picture.
In addition to making a gripping profile, you need to employ good techniques and strategies of making conversations that will capture women’s attention. Idea of initiating conversation is an art that every man needs to know. A woman should be willing to respond positively to your conversation, if you have perfected in this area. As a real man, you should be confident of what you are saying in the first conversation. If you lack confidence, she will definitely know, and get bored. If you feel uncomfortable or unsure of what to say, just go for your favourite ‘drink’ to improve the courage in you. However, if you drink too much, you will be drunk and start incoherent conversation.Let us look at things that will make your conversation stand out;

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Grab her attention very fast

Women are different from men, and sometimes they are attracted by funny subject topics in the first conversation they get from guys. You can start by creating unpleasant subject line, and she will not be interested in opening your email. Right, she may decide to open your email for fun, and probably forward it to her friends. Next, come in a different approach that she is amazed what kind of guy you are, because she thought it was over.Try to be creative, and initiate an interesting subject topic. But, avoid cliché topics that describe your unoriginal personality. Since women have been receiving too many emails and messages from perverted men, you should show her you are not one of them. Try to create your message not look like a cheesy one, but it should be catchy for a woman to want more messages describing more about you.Your intention for her to open the email was to ensure she reads the whole text. However, if she is not interested in your text, she will turn away from you, and everything will end there.

Ensure your email/message is personalized

Sending a woman an obvious message is a big mistake you can ever do. To avoid this, read and memorize her profile content in order to know her well. After you have understood who she is, as well as her interests, your email should mainly talk about common things you share. Women will know copied messages, and will get away as soon as they see such messages. Mention some things from her profile, so that she can be convinced you understand her better.The main purpose of grabbing her attention is to keep the conversation going because she is already attracted. However, avoid cocky emails, and complimenting her looks. Women, as I said earlier, are bored by small issues, and more so, they do not like compliments about their looks from strangers. Always, take time before getting into such issues of how she looks pretty.When I say complimenting a woman, I do not mean you cannot say something to make her feel happy and worthy. You can include something that will make her smile, but not something related to her physical looks. For instance, you can compliment how humorous she is, or something in her profile that made you get attracted to her, or compliment how creative she is in writing profile content – avoid complimenting anything touching on her looks. In case she wants to be told she looks pretty, you will know according to how she responds to your messages. Just ‘store’ compliments about her looks for your first date with her.

Proof read your emails and messages before sending

Since you have captured her attention, you can continue sending emails. However, you need to be careful with emails you send her. You might think the email is awesome while typing, but after revising it, you find it is totally boring. Therefore, it is advisable to revise or read your email several times before sending it to her. Proof reading will also help in correcting grammar and spelling errors. Make short, catchy, and sweet email content. Otherwise, you will receive no response from her – and you will be finished. Do not forget that you are trying to convince someone you have never met. In addition, this is a virtual dating and any mistake makes a person to think otherwise. Therefore, make sure your approach is from a gentleman!This page is all about tips on how to perfect your first conversation in online dating. With so much information I have shared with you, there is no doubt you will meet women online. If you want to read more then go to I hope you will grasp the tips, and put into practice if you are looking for a woman online. There are other dating tips, but the above tips will help you achieve what you want. Before I forget, your profile setup is very crucial when it comes to online dating. Making your profile to stand out will increase your chances of meeting women online. There are many women from Edinburgh, and all over UK waiting for men like you. Read these page, sign up with a good dating site of your choice, and then start dating those beautiful women.

Blackberry Z10 – All You Needed To Know

If you are planning to buy the newest Blackberry, or you already have one and want to know its particular features, here are some tips that will help you discover you mobile phone and its limits.

A full touch screen smart phone

The past Blackberry-s were well-known for their QWERTY keyboard, very useful when writing messages. As the technology improved, no physical keyboard smart phones were needed. Z10 has the newest operating system and a full touch screen keyboard that will help you write the messages without any effort, more accurately and even faster than before. The keyboard will remember the words you used the most, and will prevent you from mistyping. The 4.2-inch display offers a good viewing experience, bright colors and sharp text.

Blackberry Z10 Pictures and all you need to Know

Blackberry Z10 Pictures and all you need to Know

Call quality and audio

It is easier to make quality phone calls with the new Z10. It has a very nice and simple to use dialer. The volume is perfectly fine when you are in the office, in a car or another closed space. There might be few problems if you are situated in a place with lot of noise; the quality of the phone call won’t be the same, you will even have difficulties in understanding the other. It has an integrated hands-free and a blue tooth and hands-free headset. Z10 is a good device when it comes to audio part. You can listen to music without having to worry about the volume or the quality.


Fitted with a rear camera and a front one, you can have great quality photos. The rear camera is an 8-mega pixel auto-focus camera with even back illumination for better captures when the light is low. The image stabilization will prevent you from having moved photos. It also has flash and continuous focus. The front camera is a 2-mega pixel fixed-focus one, that also has image stabilization. It is suitable for video recording too.

When wanting to make a photo, tape anywhere on the screen or press the volume button. You don’t have to tap if you want to focus; all you have to do is dragging a focusing-box on the screen and then tapping to make the photo.

All you need to know about BlackBerry Z10 camera

All you need to know about BlackBerry Z10 camera

Battery life

If you send a moderate number of messages and emails and the phone calls are not longer than 3 hours, the battery will last a full day. The battery life is up to 10 hours when talking, and up to 13 days in stand-by. Also, this Blackberry includes a swappable battery, but if you use the mobile phone with moderation, you won’t need to swap the batteries.

The Blackberry Z10 is a very good business phone who will certainly increase the productivity at work. If you used an Android smart phone before, you might experience some problems adjusting to the new Blackberry operating system. If you want a smart phone with a wide variety of applications and you wish to use it for playing games, Z10 is not the perfect smart phone, but as a business owner, you and your Z10 will make a great team.

The Top 3 Relationship Ruts – And How To Get Out Of Them

When it comes to relationships, each one is different and there is a different approach towards how you can become good at it. In order to move out of a relationship rut, you first need to know that you are in one. There are certain indications that you are in a rut and there are ways in which you can bring back the spark. You need to accept certain things and move on and allow your relationship to grow.

. You have said your “I love you-s” but do not know where you go from there.

You love each other but you do not know where you go from there. You are still not ready to plunge into marriage as you might be too young, unsettled in your job and profession, etc. You love each other but you do not know how to celebrate that. You know each other really well and that has ended all the intrigue, curiosity and butterflies in the stomach.

10 ways to get out of a relationship rut

10 ways to get out of a relationship rut

When it comes to being stuck in this rut, you can overcome it by bringing back the passion that you both have for each other. Start by going out on unconventional dates. You can do something for your partner and celebrate the love that you feel for each other. Enjoy all the aspects that come with having someone to fall back on when you are in need. Enjoy the intimacy and familiarity with increased enthusiasm. Do something new together. It will help you come closer and still have fun.

. You have been dating for some time now and you do enjoy each other’s company. But, you do not see a future together because of certain differences.

When you have been dating for some time and you get to know the other person well, there are chances that you might fall in love. But, after the initial excitement fades and you start thinking about practical aspects, you start noticing certain deal breakers. May be he/she is too young; May be they are in a job that requires constant travelling or have family commitments that can be burdening, May be he/she is fun to be with but is not serious when it comes to settling down, etc.

You can overcome this thing by having a real heart to heart talk. Try bringing up the topic and have a serious discussion about where your relationship stands. Discuss all aspects and if you decide that you have a chance of working it out, then all is well and good. But, if you do not stand a chance of a future together, it is best that you move on and find solace elsewhere.

10 Tips to Avoid Relationship Ruts

10 Tips to Avoid Relationship Ruts

. You used to be great at sharing and being honest. But, now it seems that you have grown apart.

In the early days, there were sparks flying everywhere. You had a hard time getting any work done. But, as reality hits and work and other commitments take up your time, you find it difficult to be with each other. You start thinking that you do love the person but you do not know them anymore like you used to. Long distance relationships are more prone to this type of issue. Here you feel like you are single even though you are in a relationship. Everything seems mundane and boring and even your partner’s talk seems to drag on.

You can overcome this by rekindling the romance. Watch chick flicks together. Look at old photographs together. Visit the places that you love. Go for the things that you both love to do. Really talk about what is going on in your life right now.

Even though there might be ruts that you might get stuck in, a little effort and some nudges will get you back on track in no time. Be determined to make it work and give it your hundred percent. Be frank about your expectations. Accept certain things and move on if there is a need.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being A Vegan

Vegan diet is the one that excludes all the animal’s products like meat, egg, and dairy products. A vegan also doesn’t consume those products that are processed using the animal’s products. So what do vegans eat? Their diets includes: beans, vegetables, fruits, legumes and all grains. They also eat hotdogs, cheese, ice creams and the vegan mayonnaise. Therefore a vegan will by all means try to avoid animals products and all that is associated with the. Here are some of the pros and cons of vegan diet

The pros of a vegan diet

First, vegan diet helps to reduce the cholesterol levels in the body. The main sources of cholesterol in human body are the fat from animal’s products like meat. For the vegetarians, the cholesterol levels in their body are lower than for the non vegans. Also the vegan diet will lower the blood pressure. Research have shown that the vegans have a lower LDL (low density lipoproteins) levels. This reduces greatly the chances of hypertension. A vegan diet will also increase the intake of antioxidants. The vegan diets like the legumes, fruits beans and many other diets are rich sources of antioxidants. Moreover, the vegans normally help to save the animals and the environment. This is due to the fact that they don’t rely on animals products therefore animals will not be slaughtered. Finally, the vegan diet teaches one to have a self control behavior. This is because if one can persevere to completely eliminate the delicious animal’s products then they can also withstand other things in life which may be unbearable to them.

Disadvantages of Being a Vegetarian

Disadvantages of Being a Vegetarian

The cons of a vegan diet

Avoiding the animal’s products will lower the calcium intake. This is very risky as calcium is very necessary for strong bones. Without this, the bones will be at the risk of fracturing. Moreover the iodine which is very important for the proper thyroid function is found in dairy. Avoiding the dairy products means one’s thyroids will not work properly. Moreover, the body will not absorb the irons from plants like it does from the animal’s products. This means that vegans have to add more supplements to their foods so as to get all the required irons. They also have to take other supplements like fortified foods so as to have the required vitamin D and vitamin B-12. Likewise to the omega-3 fatty acid which is essential to their health (mainly found in fish and eggs) they have to take supplements so as to have them in their body.

Disadvantages of Being a Vegetarian

Disadvantages of Being a Vegetarian

How to adjust to vegan diet

It is not something that one can just decide and start immediately. One’s body needs time to adapt to the diet. One should try the different recipes and identify the ones which are the best. One should also be in a position to differentiate and recognize the different additives that are made from animal’s products so as not to consume them without knowing.

Those are some of the facts about vegan diet. Those who have the ability to adjust to them can do so if they wish and be aware of the challenges associated with them and look for the required supplements so as not to lack the necessary diets in their bodies. The non vegans should also understand the dangers associated with overconsumption of animal’s products and take the necessary measures.

Top 5 Energy & Money Saving Tips

In an economy where it continues to be a struggle for many to hold on to their homes, utility bills can be a constant cause of stress. If you invest a little money in green energy, however, you can save money for years to come by decreasing the amount of gas, electricity, and water you use on a daily basis.

Unplug all appliances when they aren’t in use

The chords continue to conduct a low level of current even when the appliance is off, meaning that your bill is increasing continuously for electronics not even in use. If you already have acquired this habit, take a look at what kind of appliances you have and if there are equivalent, low energy options. The appliances that are most important to switch are the ones you use the most. Consider starting with your refrigerator, air conditioners, and light bulbs.



Over the past decades, there have been huge advances in water saving technology. This includes toilets, washing machines, showers, and faucets. These new appliances work just as well, and use a fraction of the water of their older counterparts. It may seem expensive to upgrade your house in this way, but you will save in the long run.

Install solar panel for your home

Have you considered getting solar power for your home? This free, renewable energy source is a wonderful way to save money. However, there is a substantial initial investment. Still, you can apply for grants or lease the panels to begin with. You can also buy older models that still are efficient and can help you. It’s better to buy the newer models though if you can make them affordable.

If you can maybe use a little less air during those hot days, then you can save energy and money. Maybe you could just turn the thermostat up a notch each day. It’s not going to hurt your comfort to do this. Plus, you should also do this during the cold months to, only in the other direction. Turn the thermostat down a degree or two.

National Cut Your Energy Costs Day: 5 tips to saving some major cash

National Cut Your Energy Costs Day: 5 tips to saving some major cash

Turn off the lights if not in use

As you begin to replace and improve the technology you use in your home, it is also important that you begin to create habits that help you maximize your energy savings. Turn off the lights when you are not using them. Open the blinds so you can use fewer lamps. Try to decide what you are getting out of the refrigerator or freezer before you open the door to minimize the time the cool air has to escape. Consider drying your clothes on a clothes line or drying rack instead of in the dryer.

Reducing the amount of gas, electricity, and water will seem like a daunting task at first. However, if you start with small changes, you will soon see that going green is not as hard as you thought. As you start to see your bills go down, you will find it easy to take the next steps towards making your home energy efficient. There will be some costs in the beginning, but your long-term savings will more than make up for the initial loss.

Improve The Performance Of Your Website By Few Do’s And Don’ts For Landing Page

In today’s time creating a website is not difficult at all and if you can do search engine optimization in a smart way you can get good number visitors also on your website, but if you want to keep them on your website you must need to create a good landing page for your website. To help you in this task here is a list of The 5 do’s and don’ts that you need to apply on your Website’s Landing Page.

Always keep it light weight: Many people do a great mistake and they fill so many things on the landing page. Because of these extras, page may take longer time to load and as a result of this visitor may feel annoyed and he can leave the page without even loading it completely. So make sure you do not add any unnecessary images, flash files or other heavy content on your landing page.

Landing Page Dos And Don’ts

Landing Page Dos And Don’ts

Design smartly: If design of your landing page is done smartly, then you have more chance to convert your website visitors as your customer. For this create landing page with some attractive graphics and colors that give an attractive look to your website as well as your landing page as well. In this design, make sure visitor do not need to scroll a lot to understand the basic concept or offer of the page and visitor should be able to identify the content that visitor want. If visitor will find trouble in finding required content he may leave the page instantly.

Display related landing pages: When you create a landing page make sure you display related content links on two different places. These links will give you an option to your website visitor by which your visitor can explore and know more about the content that your website is offering.

Do not ask personal information before opening the page: You can find many websites that ask you to register or connect you with them using Facebook or other social network. Users do not like this trend; they feel as if you are forcing them to register with them so never do this mistake. Instead of this you when your page is loaded you can create an Ajax based popup inside corner in which you can ask them to register. It will not annoy the user and it will ask your visitor to register as well in a very smart way.

4 Do’s and Don’ts of a Good Landing Page Design

4 Do’s and Don’ts of a Good Landing Page Design

Do not fear testing: After you have done everything, related to design of your landing page do test it as an end user as well as owner as well. Change its images, content and banners to see how it looks and check it as an end user to test how it looks to you and can it motivate you to give more time to this website or webpage. With this testing you can find out the problems of your landing page and you can solve them.

With these do’s and don’ts you can create a landing page for your website that can help you to get maximum benefit from your website visitors and you will be able to get what you want from your website.